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  1. Student and Parent or Guardian are responsible for any prerequisite requirements. Knowledge Counts does NOT check prerequisites. Student and Parent or Guardian acknowledge that LVUSD will not accept grades from summer school courses if these requirements have not been met.

  2. The Las Virgenes Unified School District accepts Knowledge Counts courses for academic credit toward the Las Virgenes high school diploma. Students from other districts/schools are responsible for ascertaining if courses will be accepted for credit towards their high school graduation requirements.

  3. All students must attend the first and last day of their assigned Summer School semester class. Any student not in attendance on the first day will be dropped and no refund will be given. Any student not in attendance on the last day will not pass the class or receive credit. There is no early dismissal permitted on the last day of each semester.

  4. There are no excused absences in Summer School. Students are not allowed more than two (2) days of absence in any 3-week semester. Students who exceed these absence limits will be dropped/failed and no refunds will be given.

  5. Two tardies constitute one-half day of absence. It is possible to receive more than one tardy a day (at the beginning of school, after breaks).

  6. The school rules set out in the Student Handbook apply at all times during Summer School. Students on their way to or from Summer School are subject to all school rules.

  7. All requests to drop a class must be processed through the Summer School Office. All textbooks must be returned prior to dropping a class. Students may drop any first semester class prior to July 6, or any second semester class prior to July 25, and no grade will be recorded. There will be no refunds after June 1, 2018. See refund policy.

  8. Students using or in possession, or in a group of students using or in possession, of tobacco, e-cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol will immediately be dropped/failed from Summer School and will be subject to disciplinary action by Knowledge Counts.

  9. Students and parents or guardians must follow all instructions from school staff, including traffic directions.

  10. Conduct Referrals for any disciplinary action may result in the student being dropped from Summer School. The student’s home school will be notified.

  11. Cheating will result in the student being dropped from Summer School. The student’s home school will be notified.

  12. Students are expected to follow the school dress code and dress appropriately for school.

  13. Students are not allowed to leave the supervised area of campus during the Summer School day. All athletic fields (football, soccer, baseball/softball, and tennis courts) and all parking lots are considered out-of-bounds areas. Students found in these areas without permission will be expelled with no refund.

  14. All final exams will be taken on the last day of each semester. There is no early dismissal on the final day of each semester. No early finals will be arranged.

  15. Students shall have electronic devices turned off during instructional time. There is to be no recording or videotaping in the classroom without prior approval from the teacher.

  16. Students will be charged a replacement cost for textbooks and library books that are damaged or not returned.

  17. Summer School is a fast-paced and time-intensive program which requires student commitment to the established schedule and completion of homework and projects by the deadlines. Parent or Guardian is responsible for making sure that Summer School is the appropriate option for their student. See Accommodations.