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Our Summer School program includes a variety of choices for students who want to accelerate by taking a required course or elective and for those who need to retake a course in which they received a D or F grade. Classes run from June 19 through July 6, 2018 (semester 1) and from July 9 through July 25, 2018 (semester 2). Please note that Chemistry students will have one additional day in the first semester and two additional days in the second semester. Our courses are academically rigorous. A whole year of information is to be presented, absorbed, and processed in a six-week period of time. Students typically spend 2 to 3 hours per night on homework and long-term assignments.

One day of summer school day is the equivalent to more than one week of school during the regular school year. Therefore, it is critical that students attend a complete summer school session. It is expected that students will attend class daily and be on time at the beginning of class, and after any class breaks. Vacations and appointments should be made outside of the summer school scheduled dates and class hours. If a student is absent for more than two (2) days in any three-week semester they will be dropped/failed and no refunds will be given. Rules regarding absences and tardies will be strictly enforced.



Please note: Students and their parents or guardians are responsible for any prerequisite requirements. Knowledge Counts does not check prerequisites. Students and parents or guardians acknowledge that LVUSD will not accept grades from summer school courses if these requirements have not been met. Students from other districts or schools are responsible for ascertaining if courses will be accepted for credit towards their high school graduation requirements.